Hi friend! I’m Shannon!

I’m here to show you that hobby farming is possible, regardless of where you live or how busy you are!

I started my hobby farm on just 1.5 acres of land in 2017. Getting back to my roots has been a journey like no other and I’m excited to show you that hobby farming is possible!

I grew up in this world, and after spending time in corporate America, I’m diving back into it with my two farms – my hobby farm and a Christmas Tree Farm.

My grandparents started selling fruits and vegetables off a wagon on the side of the road when I was in nursery school.

Throughout the years, both I and their business continued to grow into a larger farm market. As I got older, I had more responsibilities with the everyday operations of the farm market. In grade school, I would set the farm market up for business before school and close it down after and of course worked on the weekends.

In high school and college, I helped bring it to another level helping to execute my family’s different ideas for new things to make the business grow.

After graduating college my grandfather (Pa) wanted me to expand my horizons and work for corporate America. While doing this I utilized the skills I learned working on the family farm to excel in a solid career.

While it wasn’t the path I envisioned for myself, I did as my grandfather wished and started a career in corporate America.

Fast forward 20 years…

On the other side of my family, my grandfather (Grandpa) had passed away.

He owned a small Christmas Tree Farm and both my husband and I had the privilege and responsibility of running his tree farm for the last season before it was sold.

We fell in love with what we were doing and brought back so many memories of growing on the fruit and vegetable farm.

I realized how fortunate I was to have grown up in two farming families and my wheels started to turn.

As I was grieving his loss, my other grandfather (Pa) passed away within the same year.

It was at that time I decided to start a hobby farm of my own and return to my roots, basing my adventure on the inspiration of both late grandfathers and of course I can’t forget my grandmothers, how they taught me how to bake from scratch, cook and run a homestead.

I would love for you to follow me on my journey through the trials and tribulations of having a hobby farm because after all, I loved being a Farmers’ Granddaughter.

The Hobby Farmer Family

The Farmers’ Granddaughter Hobby Farm is owned and operated by my husband, David, and myself. We also have two little helpers that we hope will be this family’s next generation of hobby farmers!

My Inspirations

Pa , Grandfather

Pa ran the orchard and gardens while his wife, Goligol, handled the retail end of it.  He was the quintessential farmer: hard-working, quiet, and strong. While a solid knowledge of orchard management was shared with me, the most important gift he gave me was his work ethic and can-do attitude. His farm was the one I grew up and helped with daily.

Great Grandma Rose

Great Grandma Rose was an amazing homemaker! Homemade quilts and blankets, delicious pies and cookies, and a warm, welcoming kitchen left lasting memories and encouraged Shannon with crafting and baking. She also is responsible for my interest in cooking from scratch, as she always cooked whole foods from scratch and often had me at her side, learning how to do the same.

Goligol, Grandmother

Goligol, a nickname for my maternal Grandmother, has been instrumental in developing my love of agriculture. I joined her on the family farm, selling apples, peaches, strawberries and veggies from a farm wagon each summer from the time I was 3 years old. Later a sticks and bricks farm market was built, and I worked with my Grandmother baking pies and cookies, stocking shelves, and learning the basics of retail management. This Grandmother loved to make Christmas wreaths, and I have acquired that talent.


Grandpa Forte, the Christmas tree farmer, taught me how to think out of the box and utilize recycled products to make things work. Another hard working, taciturn man, he demonstrated the value of multi tasking and a love of the land.

Chet and Trink, Great Grandparents

Great Grandparents Chet and Trink were self-sufficient with two huge vegetable gardens. They made their own pickles and jams, and canned or froze all the produce for the year. I purchased their homestead and have my chicken coop where theirs’ was!

What You'll Find On Our Hobby Farm

What I love about our Hobby Farm is all the things we get to grow and create! One and a half acres doesn’t sound like much, but you’d be surprised!

We are currently growing a variety of fruits, vegetables, herbs, cut flowers, and starter plants. I also love creating handmade custom wreaths and arrangements, as well as making fresh baked goods!

We also have a variety of different breeds of chickens.

Currently, we have 16 Chickens that consist of 14 different Breeds.
And yes, they all have names: Pursey, Autumn, Coco, ZeeZee, Henrietta, Uggs, TiAnna, Cookie, Frosty, Pasty Jr, Carrot, Lacey, Raven, Goldie, and Pasty.

Our Christmas Tree Farm

My husband and I are both thrilled about the addition of our Christmas Tree Farm! It’s been a dream of ours for years and we finally broke ground early in 2021, and will officially be growing Christmas Trees in the Spring of 2022.

Question & Answers

The hobby farm is part of our 1.5 acres homestead. We have a berry patch, raised garden beds, a chicken coop and the start of an orchard.

We are located in North Branford, Connecticut, which is in Zone 6 of the USDA Zone Hardiness Levels.

We grow a variety of:

  • Fruits & Vegetables
  • Herbs
  • Cut Flowers
  • Eggs
  • Handmade custom wreaths and arrangements
  • Starter plants
  • Fresh Baked goods

We will soon be growing Christmas Trees in Spring of 2022.

Currently, we have 20 chickens which lay delicious farm fresh eggs.  We are looking to expand to different poultry in the next year or so.

What I enjoy most is following in my late grandparents’ footsteps, using the inspiration and knowledge they gave me throughout my life being raised in two farming families. I have created the hobby farm I have today by thinking about what my grandfathers’ have taught me or what they would be thinking if they were watching me. I think about what ingredients my grandmother would have used each time I make a new recipe or how she would balance the homestead and family.

The hardest thing about having a hobby farm is not having enough time to do everything I want to do and the way I want to do it. I hope to do it full time in the future, but until then I maximize the time I have.

Ever since I was a little girl I have been selling Christmas Trees with both sets of grandparents.  I loved decorating wreaths with my Grandmother, helping people with their Christmas traditions, and helping them find the perfect tree.  After one of my grandfathers’ passed away,  my husband and I had the opportunity to run the last season of the tree farm before it was being sold. We enjoyed every minute of it.  At the time we weren’t financially prepared to buy a farm out of the blue, but we did decide we would find a way to have a Christmas Tree Farm of our own one day.  Five years later we broke ground on our new Christmas Tree Farm in 2021.

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